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The Southern Cross Greenstone Belt lies within the Archaean Yilgarn Craton, approximately 360 km east of Perth and 270 km west of Kalgoorlie, and has been a prolific gold producer responsible for over 12 million ounces of gold production from 1900 to 2019.

The belt is a north-nor-west-trending highly deformed belt of sediments, mafic and ultramafic rocks wedged between two major granite domes.

The Southern Cross Project covers a significant strike component of the laterally extensive gold rich Frasers-Corinthian Shear Zone (FCSZ).

The FCSZ is a defined gold rich bearing structure known to host significant gold mineralisation along its entire length from Bullfinch in the north to Marvel Loch in the south. Between Southern Cross and Bullfinch, the FCSZ has a high gold endowment hosting the Frasers (1.2 Moz), Hopes Hill (214 Koz), Pilot (54 Koz), Corinthia (190 Koz) and Copperhead (1.5 Moz) deposits.


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