Southern Cross

Southern Cross Project, an exciting greenfields opportunity within a proven gold producing district. The project covers 22 kilometres of a major gold mineralising structure with strong near surface gold mineralisation and remains essentially untested below 50 metres vertical depth, limited historical deep drilling has returned ore grade intercepts of 12.1 metres grading 4.51 g/t Au.


The project is located in the +10 Million Ounce (Moz) Southern Cross Greenstone Belt within the Archaean Yilgarn Craton, approximately 360 km east of Perth and 270 km west of Kalgoorlie. The Southern Cross Greenstone Belt is an elongate NNW-trending highly deformed belt of sediments, mafic and ultramafic rocks wedged between two major granite domes.

Yilgarn Craton Location
Figure 1 : Yilgarn Craton Location.


The Southern Cross Project covers a significant strike component of the laterally extensive gold rich Frasers-Corinthian Shear Zone (FCSZ). The FCSZ is known to host significant gold mineralisation along its entire length from Bullfinch in the north to Marvel Loch in the south. Between Southern Cross and Bullfinch, the FCSZ has a high gold endowment hosting the Frasers (1.2 Moz), Hopes Hill (214 Koz), Pilot (54 Koz), Corinthia (190 Koz) and Copperhead (1.5 Moz) deposits. An operating 2.5 Mtpa gold processing facility is located 35 kilometres south-east of the project at Marvel Loch.

southern cross

Project Division

The project is divided into two discrete tenement packages, the Corinthia North and Hopes Hill tenements. Outcrop or exposure of the underlying bedrock is sparse and estimated to be around 5%. Much of the area has had extensive ground disturbance from agricultural activity with the overall area having a variable thickness of lacustrine sediments (transported cover) obscuring bedrock. This is particularly evident in the southern portion of the Hopes Hill tenements where the recent Lake Koorkoordine salt lake system is present.

southern cross location

Figure 3 : Southern Cross Project Location

Gold mineralisation in the Southern Cross Greenstone Belt can be categorized into two distinct styles, shear hosted and brittle fracture, vein deposits hosted by BIF units. Within Surveyor’s Southern Cross Project, the FCSZ is the main gold hosting structure and known mineralisation is typically of the shear-hosted type, however both types are evident within the project area.


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