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The total issued and outstanding capital of Altan Rio Minerals Limited as of Oct 20, 2020:

TSX-V: AMO | 0.13 CAD

Gold Price | 1791.1775 USD/oz

Top Shareholders

Surveyor Resources 11.25%
Verite Trust 9.75%
John Jones 5.15%
UT International Pty Ltd 5.00%
Andrew Barclay 3.27%

Why Invest?

  • Strong land position in a top 5 Australian gold production province
  • Targeting near-term cashflow to accelerate exploration ​
  • Targeting blind discoveries offering blue-sky exploration potential ​
  • Local investment & further exposure with proposed ASX Listing

Financial Statements & Reporting

Quarterly Reports September, 2020 FS MD&A
Quarterly Reports June, 2020 FS MD&A
Quarterly Reports March 31, 2020 FS MD&A
Quarterly Reports September 30, 2019 FS MD&A
Quarterly Reports June 30, 2019 FS MD&A
Quarterly Reports March 31, 2019 FS MD&A
Annual Reports December 31, 2018 FS MD&A
Altan Rio – Press Release re Blanket Relief Q2 deadlines



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Altan Rio Minerals Limited

Level 2, 2 Richardson Street West Perth
+619 322-1788
[email protected]



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